Taxi Campione ditalia

Taxi Campione ditalia

Taxi Campione ditalia – Going for a bet?

If you need a taxi from Lugano or Lugano surrounding areas to Campione ditalia then you have found the right taxi company. We are confident that you will also consider us as the right choice, for your Taxi Campione ditalia transfer.

Either you are coming for a bet on the slot machines, for a Texas Hold’em Poker tournament, or just to see the beautiful lake views, you will need a way to transport yourself.

Since there aren’t many alternatives of transportation to Campione (only one bus line and the nearest trains station is more than 30 min walking) the fastest and more convenient way to reach the city of Campione, or its beautiful casino is definitely by taxi. Well you can rent a car, of course, but why spend 150 fr. when you can pay just 50 fr and save the other 100 fr? how many plays could you do in that slot machine? 🙂

Well, if you consider taking a taxi, then we would like to know that we’ll be always ready to pick you up wherever you want and always with a reliable service. Our taxi transfer and private car service from Lugano towards Campione d’italia, are considered by our loyal costumers, the best, safest and fastest way to reach Campione ditalia and its Casino.

In our transfer taxi Campione ditalia, we will always guarantee you professional drivers, affordable prices as well as a fleet of luxury vehicles, at your disposal.

If you would like to find out more about our transfer taxi Campione d’italia, or any other taxi service of Taxi a Lugano, please call us on +41 91 234 87 84. We’ll be glad to help.

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