Take an evening walk at PROMENADE IN LUGANO


There are times when we want to walk alone by the lake or go on a romantic walk with our loved one by the water body. Nothing beats the strolling near the water and enjoying the little fish that come near the shores. Where is such a place that has a peaceful atmosphere and a gorgeous view that stuns you? The

Promenade in Lugano is where you need to go right now! The lake Promenade is the beautiful lake found in Switzerland. This lake has the most peaceful ambiance and harmonious tread for people who like to stroll with their lovers or alone. There are boating activities which can be opted by those like to go to the middle of the lake and enjoy the view as well as the weather. Many trees and plants have been planted nearby the lake to beautify it and make it attractive and harmonious for the people coming.

There are benches that have been placed nearby the lake for those who want to sit alone or with their lovers and have a look at the flowing water. There is proper residence and activity area near this lake. One can come to this lake for having fun via boating with friends and family members. Or one can also come to the lake for having a quiet evening alone and just think about whatever beauty lies around the lake.

If you want to just look at the water and stroll a bit, the evening walk bear this lake is what you need in life. The feeling of stress or depression all fades away when you look at the sun setting in the water as if hiding in the water and letting the world come at a harmony. If you want to express your love to someone, this place is again the right place to do so. There is nothing more romantic than a gorgeous sun-set and reflection of this natural effect in the water. Nothing beats this natural ambiance for your proposing and romantic evening. Have an evening walk around this lake, have a look at the people enjoying their time at the lake and those who are on a date with their loved ones. All the life’s stress and depression will fade away instantly if you have one long walk all around the lake and enjoy the beautiful views presented by the nature.