Sonogno Village The Base Of Ticino Culture


The culture of Switzerland has its own unique qualities and characteristics. It is although an unfortunate fact that, just like the rest of the planet, rapid industrialization is not only destroying the natural landscape, but also having an adverse effect on the cultural development of societies.

During this era of cultural degeneration, it is quite difficult to find places where you find cultural conservation. And in all fairness Europe’s culture has gone very vague, but this little village of Sorogna has managed to keep its majestic culture intact even after the impact of modernization. Sorogna Village is located in the wonderful canton of Ticino.

The Village was first found in 1200 and has since then become the cultural nucleus of Ticino. With a small population, they have managed to contain and conserve a lot of the culture of Nucleus. The language of the population is Celtic-Latin mixture and unfortunately there are not many people who still speak it. There is an estimate that only about 100 to 120 people in the world are capable of communicating in this language thus making it a language that is headed for extinction.

The rare usage of the native language of Sorogna has made the inhabitants to switch to Italian which is now the language of the majority of the population and is also an official language of the Swiss state. The next most spoken language is German, but is nowhere near the number of Italian speakers.
As of today, these people have certain traditions of the past which they practice with strict punctuality and devotion. An example is the monthly bread making. Bread Making is done twice a month in the community oven. The bread made is truly delicious and there are not manyplaces with such baked bread.