Sonogno The Famous Baking Oven Of Ticino


The people of Switzerland have managed to harness their tradition, value and culture for the most part of their life. Although the urban lifestyle might be held responsible for the fading of such tradition, there are still several places in this beautiful Canton of Ticino in Switzerland that have clung onto their ancestors’ culture.

When you visit such places where the value of sentiments, emotions and family are regarded much higher than materialism; a person is surely forced into self-evaluation. Sonogna is another striking place in Ticino, the major characteristic of which is its purposeful adherence to and conservation of tradition.
The place is surrounded by beauty, nature and bakery items. Yes! Bakery items, but we will discuss it later. First, let us just discuss a little history related to the village. Sonogna Village dates back to the 11th century and resembles the villages of that age. It is the last village present on the road of Verzasca.

The village is a tourist destination and known for certain hiking spots as well and people go on these trails to enjoy the outstanding scenes of nature. Tourists can also cherish some of the best picnic places and river pools, where you may go and take a swim. People can find some places to spend a night while hiking as well.

The villagers all gather together in an epic cultural fashion to make bread in the old traditional way. This is done twice a month in the community oven where all the baking is done. The eatables and dishes of the village are also a delight; the wine is popular and so is the food.
There is adequate facility for people to spend a few days here and also a small Museum, which depicts the age of the village and also its adherence to culture.