Santa Maria degli Angeli church a wonder of contemporary architecture



Lugano’s natural beauty, atmosphere and climate has been a focus of attention for people, but there are certain places in this wonderful place which relate to the traditional, cultural and religious history of Europe as a whole and Switzerland in particular. The Santa Maria Church in Lugano is a marvel of contemporary architecture and people’s adherence to tradition.

All churches have certain characteristics in common, for example the presence of paintings and passionate statues in this the Santa Maria stands exceptional. The exterior of the church has been attractive yet quite simple and it is possible that people may refrain from visiting the church; but remember never to judge a book by its cover.

The exterior may not be too impressive to some, but inside the church is spectacular architecture and artwork. Tourists feel mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the interior part of the church and are forced to revisit the religious sanctity of this church and the city of Lugano.
Inside are some of the most mind-blowing paintings made by man. There are inspirational paintings of the last supper and other religious events done by students of DA Vinci and huge fresco painting too. This huge fresco is the work of Bernardino Luini and one of the most famous fresco of the Renaissance era.

Other painting and sculptures add beauty and emotion to this sanctified place.
Lugano is a city with many churches, but Santa Maria Church is unique in its own way. It reflects the history and culture of Switzerland while also displaying the region’s role during the Renaissance era. The simplicity of the outside of the church and the amazing paintings made by students Leonardo Da Vinci inside the church make a really unique an beautiful combination.

SanRocco a church from history with fantastic interior


The San Rocco church is another spectacular religious monument in the marvelous land of Lugano, Switzerland. The country’s respect for tradition, ritual and religion is clearly shown by the excellence of the churches present there. One must agree that the general architecture of churches and their decoration is quite similar to one another, but there are certain things in this place which demand a tourist to come here.

The San Rocco church is medieval church made near the end of the 16th century and reflects that era. It is located at small Piazza which somewhat hides it from open view. Although the church had been completed around 1592, it has undergone several changes and alteration along the years.
Almost all frescoes seem quite old and seem to hail from the 1600s. The whole church interior is flushed with these wonderful frescoes and the one on the ceiling is fantastic in its own way. But the form, the looks of the façade; it seems newer than the rest of the church because of the attractive plaster work and some other features.

The exterior is a classic sixteenth century decoration and architecture which normally referred to as a Baroque styled church. It is not that large when compared to other European churches which have a tendency of being extra-ordinarily large. There is also a waterfront nearby.
The Church is ideally located far-away from the noise and hustle of the city which makes it a peaceful and quiet place. It manages to give its visitors a spiritual feel; allows people to relax and find solace.
The beauty, architecture and frescoes of this church make it an interesting place to visit. These features when added with the spirituality, softness and tradition of this place combine to give you a truly mystical experience.

Piazza Riforma the biggest of all


The beauty and sanctity of Lugano has been discussed over and over again because it is something worth mentioning. This city, situated in Switzerland, is home to serenity, peace and harmony surrounded by wilderness and nature. This does not mean that these people are far off from the real world, but it is rather a hustling bustling city with a population of highly literate people.

The Piazza Della Riforma is the center point of all meetings. The locals and tourists come to this place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere with food and beverages. The people gather together in this part of the city which was once a very politically active locality. This place has been witness to massacre, change of regimes and political demonstrations for a longtime in history. Now this spot has turned into a vacation and holiday point where people flock in their free time to enjoy.

There are many well-known and comfortable restaurants at Piazza Della Riforma. The food is delicious a popular tourist point. People walk, sit and enjoy the scenic beauty of Lugano while enjoying delicious food and drinks. The place remains crowded with people during the whole day as this may well be considered as the city center.

The space around the area has increased over the years because of the demolition of buildings, thus providing more space for the cafés and restaurants. This location is a place where people meet and socialize. The cultural, historical and traditional value and sanctity of La Piazza remains intact till today.
If you ever get the chance of going around Lugano, try to take out the time to enjoy these calm moments of joy too. Eat and drink here under a clear sky, it will be an outing you will never regret.

Parco Civico a small glimpse of Lugano paradise


The characteristics, places and beauty of Lugano are living evidence of the magnificence of this ideal location. This city has blended with nature in a pleasurable style and has become a major attraction for tourists. Parco Civico is another place in Lugano that exhibits the same sort of loveliness that is shown by almost all of Lugano. You may have visited quite a few parks but Parco Civico will surely dazzle you with its beauty and greenery.

It is said that if you want to see paradise on earth, you must take a look at Switzerland. In this dreamland, there is Parco Civico which is no less than a glimpse of paradise. Parco Civico spans approximately sixty-three thousand square kilometers in area and only at a distance of two to three minutes from the main city. The park is situated perfectly beside a lake which adds to the overall surroundings.

Park Civico is known for its striking natural presence. This park had become the property of Ciani brothers in the year 1845 who made major upheavals to the condition of the gardens. This era witnessed the introduction of a variety of different plants and trees which are now standing as marvels of beauty. Some of the types are; cork, gaggling seabirds, azaleas and the all favorite olive trees.

There are some really interesting sculptures in this park, which tremendously increases its magnificence. The sculptures are dedicated to certain popular artists like Vincenzo Vela and the like. There is an art museum near the end which further gives us a view of the coast line. If you are looking for a really enjoyable, peaceful and beauty-manifested time then the Parco Civico is the place you must take a tour of. Lugano city just does not fail to impress.

Monte Tamaro A Mountain Full Of Culture And Architecture


Monte Tamaro is a mountain of the Lugano Prealps. Gaining a summit of 1,962 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak of the chain located between Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano, which also includes Monte Lema.

This mountain is very famous for having an amazing adventure park, which has got activities for both adults and kids. The activities include Tamaro jumping, Coaster bob, Flying fox, Paragliding and a play park. For those people who think that this isn’t enough, then don’t worry, Monte Tamaro has got the thrilling experience of mountain biking, you can chose from two trails available, one is the downhill trail and the other one is free ride trail, both these tracks are carefully designed and build to provide an unforgettable experience to the bikers.

The tracks are extremely safe; you can rely on the professionals present there to guide you. Wait there is still more, Hiking is another activity you can go to, this 04 30 hour hiking lead by a professional hiker plus tourist guide.

Beside these another attraction is the architecture, the heritage over there is in such original condition that it can take you hundreds of years back, you can also observe the tradition and culture which is wonderful to watch. To compliment all these The Alpe Foppa restaurants are there to blow you away with its diverse cuisine and mouth watering food. You can find almost all types of cuisines there, ranging from Chinese to western, Asian to African and etc.
This place receives a huge number of tourists from around the globe, not only because of the factors mentioned above but because of the mesmerizing and awe inspiring scenic beauty, sensational views of mountains touching the clouds, river making its way through and much more
If you are an adventure lover, nature lover, architecture lover or a food lover then this is the place to go.

Take Your Gondola To Monte Comino’s Whisk


Impeccable as it is, the canton of Ticino provides all the best opportunities and destinations to its guests to cherish, enjoy and remember. This beautiful country has been blessed with some of the best natural landscapes and equipped with excellent activities to do; in order to elevate the overall experience.
Reaching this destination is also exciting as you get to reach her by suspending cable car or Gondola. Although there are other alternatives, many people choose the more adventurous alternative of the Gondola. Tourists normally tend to gondola to the top of the mountain and then hike their way down. This provides them a relaxing journey to the top and saves precious energy to enjoy the summit. Since hiking down is easier than travelling up, it saves them vigorous exercise.

Monte Comino has become a popular travel place for people of all ages. It is an ideal place for couple, families and individual who are looking for a comfortable holiday. The views of Monte Comino are heartwarming and put almost everyone in a daze. The striking landscape, the wonderful background when illuminated by sunlight, manages to double the excellence of nature.

Tourists have the choice of taking shorter or longer hiking trips according to their travel plan and can opt to spend a night there if they wish. The accommodation facility is good so you do not need to worry about these aspects.

Of all the famous locations here in Switzerland the Monte Comino is a fine addition to the itinerary of all travelling enthusiasts and people looking for comfort and solace.

Do save those special moments at Monte Comino by taking a few photographs to always remember this heavenly place which has attracted so many tourists like you. Add this to your to-do list for your visit to Switzerland.

Monte Bre: The sunniest point of Switzerland – Lugano


Monte Bre. Little mountain, huge view.

Monte bre - Taxi Lugano



Switzerland’s tourism industry is expanding with great pace as because of its dazzling natural beauty, perseverance of tourist spots and secure environment. There are many places in Switzerland, which receive a heavy number of tourists all over the year, e.g. Lake Geneva, Jungfrau, Chateau de Chillon few more are some prominent names.

Going through the list we can find another name “Monte Bre”. It is basically Small Mountain east of Lugano with a view of the bay of Lugano, Pennine Alps and Bernese Alps. It is considered as one of the sunniest points in Switzerland. The village of Brè lies on the eastern slope of Monte Brè and is connected to Lugano by bus service, or even by taxi.

Mont Bre is a very well-known tourist destination and there are several reasons which have made it quite popular amongst the tourists of the world. One of the main traits of this location is the peaceful, wonderful and enticing atmosphere which keeps every eye glued to its natural beauty.
This small yet striking mountain is worth a trip because of the lovely view from the summit. Also on top the mountain, are two great restaurants with a sun terrace where you can sit, eat and enjoy the scenic magnificence of this place. When descending from this mountain, a person visits a small village called Bre Village.

The Bre Lugano Village has been able to maintain its looks in this period of urbanization and portrays a medieval, classical and country-like lifestyle. It has a small population of 330 has its charm of traditionalism and you can witness all the artwork that you find dispersed all over town.
Monte Bre, the sunniest location in Switzerland, offers a vast and clear view of the lake lugano (also known Ceresio), Mount Rosa and Lugano city. If you look a little further, you can also see Italy and the Alps.

Mid of two lakes the Monte Lema


Mountains on this earth are nothing but the beautiful sights that stun you and make you want to surpass them. There are people who want to hike these mountains and there are those who just want to climb these mountains and feel the adrenaline and rush. If you want to check out some mountains and climb them at least once in your lifetime, you need to include the Monte Lema in the list.

This particular mountain is said to be located within the two lakes. The actual location of this mountain is between Switzerland and Italy. One way of reaching this mountain without much hassle is by using a cable car and climbing the top of the mountain. However, if you are one of those who like adventure and adrenaline, you can use any vehicle and reach this mountain and then hike your way up.

This gorgeous mountain is 1621 meters high and stands erect and firm on the land. The summit also presents the panoramic effect and makes this site among the most liked tourist attractions. The summit represents the beauty and mightiness of God represented in one form. It has a natural green terrace made that makes you stand on the mountain and have a look at everything beneath and nearby the summit. The main attraction that can be seen while standing on the green terrace is the Southern valleys. The gorgeous green and luscious valleys of the south are no less than a beauty and give you a breathtaking view.

If you get the chance to hike this summit, you will see how stunning and amazing the texture of the summit is. The rock formations near this summit are also amazing to look at and they are often kept by people as souvenirs when they come back home. Among the summits in the alp regions, this summit is considered to have the best and most gorgeous hike. The rock formation is absolutely stunning and the peak of the mountain is no less than an adrenaline rush provider. Need to check out the mountain? Go in the winters or in the mild weather and hike on this summit that provides you a rush. Go with friends or hike with family members because this is the time when you will enjoy hiking and having crazy adventures in this young lifetime. Check out more details about this summit and enjoy hiking and climbing this stunner summit.

Lugano, cruise on lake a worthful thing to do


Lugano Cruises

Some reasons, why you should consider doing a Cruise over Lugano Lake.

Lugano Cruises

Lugano Cruises

A cruise is basically travelling on beautiful seas for enjoyment and pleasure, sometimes to travel from one destination to another and at times it is a round trip in which there isn’t any destination and the cruise ship do not stop at any harbour. This quickly growing industry provides the masses with an adventurous tour of the majestic seas, which turn out to be a captivating experience. Today people prefer this special style of travelling over, car, train and sometimes even taking flight as well. Although this is a tedious way of travelling, but its dazzling experience is irresistible, you simply cannot deny from the fact that this by far is the most gratifying and unique mode of moving. A cruise has many facilities like shopping malls, cinemas, gym, 5 star dining and accommodation, swimming pools, basketball courts and etc.

Cruises in Lugano, has gained immense popularity, because of its truly breathtaking and sparkling lake, incredible mountains by the position of the lake enhancing the viewing experience of the cruise, exotic plants and trees and many more enchanting places yet to discover. When you go for a cruise in Lugano you can find Italy, bordering with Lugano, you can likewise see a small hamlet along the way which have a small population of around 100 to 150 people, it is not a modernize village which enables us to feel the culture and tradition of that particular area which an astonishing sight. You can select from more than 30 cruises available on Lake Lugano, which can build your trip memorable.

Experiencing cruise is a must in a lifetime, and there is no better place than Lugano to do it, you can’t have that extraordinary experience sitting on your sofa and reading about cruises in Lugano on your laptop, you got to get up and find yourself on a cruise.

Live the music at Lugano Classic music festival


Lugano Classic Music Festival – Live the music.

You arrived at Lugano and you are looking for a place to listen some good classical music. Here are some options – Lugano Classical Music Festival.

Lugano Classical Music Festival

Lugano Classical Music Festival

There are many locations, destinations and tourist spots that are worth visiting in the beautiful country of Switzerland but there are certain aspects of their tradition that one should not miss. Switzerland is a nation full of tradition, culture and most importantly, festivals and a tourist should plan his/her visit according to festival schedules.

One of the festivals that is mostly looked upon during the year is the Lugano Classical Music Festival. As the name suggests this festival is located and enjoyed in the city of Lugano.

This event is celebrated in a traditional festive way with music being the centre of all attention. People gather near Lake Ceresio in the presence of a lot of music. The main theme that dominates the event is classical music, which is the epicenter of the whole festival, but there are other types of artistry performed too. You will not see culture, tradition, art and music better expressed than at the Lugano Classical Music Festival.

This program is a major tourist attraction because of its unique performances which are divided into two parts; the first part features entertainers, orchestras, musicians and soloists who perform around a dozen concerts for the people to enjoy. While the second part is dedicated to the Martha ArgerichProject which focuses on the well-known pianist already mentioned.

This gives the festival a real cultural and charismatic transformation. Martha Argerich was an extremely talented pianist from Argentina and it is her music that gives this festival a unique essence. Near the end, the musicians join together in chorus to sing and perform for the people; this tradition continues and more musicians from the international scene join them each year.

It is rightly said that words cannot describe all in certain experiences, the Lugano Classical Music festival is one that you should not miss and experiencing the festival will truly describe it for you.