Lugano Como – The best of two worlds.


Lugano Como – Is it possible to have the best of two worlds? The answer is…

For those who are looking for a way to get to Como from Lugano, or just want to make a short Lugano Como trip.

Lugano Como

Lugano Como

Lugano Como, has to be the so most famous tour or trip that the majority of tourists like to do. Most of the tourists just need to know more about the ways of getting there when they’re staying in Lugano, or when are only passing by and most of them are only looking for a day trip option.

However from our experience, and based on our costumers opinions, the best is to stay in Lugano for the weekend. The reason is simple.

If you’re starting your trip from Lugano, you’ll definitely need half a day to visit the city. Yes, Lugano Lake works only as a good “appetizer”. The main “dish” is Lake Como, definitely!

But the problem is, that if you’re looking to visit or to know the entire Lake Como, you’ll have a logistic problem.

You see, Lake Como with its 146 square kilometres (56 sq mi) of area, makes it the third-largest lake in Italy. This means that you’ll need at least two days travelling and running it around and there are lots of little villages around this lake, like Menaggio, Bellagio or even Domaso that are worth of visiting. But if you are short of time, then you have to choose a strategic place to stay. A place that isn’t far from all these little villages as the Lake Como it self. A 30 min. driving distance place to all these places. A place like Lugano.

Yes, if you stay in Lugano the Lugano Como distance is about 30 minutes driving by car, the same for Lugano Menaggio, where you can take the ferry to cross the Lake Como and reach Bellagio (with some fortune you might even see George Clooney!).

Our point is, why spending so much time doing the entire tour around Lake Como when you can have the best of two worlds. To stay in Lugano in of the most beautiful cities of Switzerland that distances exactly 30 minutes driving from all these also beautiful places around Como.

It should at least deserve a thought, doesn’t it?

Monte Carasso – Tibetan bridge


Monte Carasso – Tibet Bridge

Monte Carasso Tibet Bridge - Taxi Lugano

The Tibetan Bridge in the valley of Sementina, Tessin, Switzerland

The rope bridge in the valley of Sementina was today (31.5.2015) officially inaugurated as planned.

“Along 270 mts and weighing about 50 tons, the bridge built by the Tibetan Foundation Curzútt-S. Barnard will traverse the rugged valley that divides the towns of Monte Carasso and Sementina. The bridge connects Curzutt S. Bernardo and the Via delle Vigne, allowing everyone to make excursions in an area rich in historical presence, landscape, food and wine.

Anchored at a height of 696 m, the bridge’s point center rises to 130 m “over the river making it the longest suspension bridge in the Alps.” The walkway, has no more than one meter wide, scarce, and it is wood larch made. Touring it is a now a unique experience, thanks to tight security, involving experienced hikers, young and intrepid families that could allow it.

The main feature of the Bridge is it’s elasticity, (as expected!), otherwise how could it be possible to resist to the wind strength, or the heavy snow loads, and also the people’s weight crossing it.

“The bridge is easily accessible thanks to the Monte Carasso’s funicular to Mornera passing through Curzùtt. The ancient and picturesque hill town, is the ideal starting point to discover an area rich in historical facts.” Source: website –

It is expected that the bridge could attract 20 to 40 thousand tourists a year. It is surely a real nice attraction to be added to many other from Canton Ticino. But this will have undoubtedly a special meaning for the municipals, as it could encourage their “hearts” to forget some quarrels occurred in the past  😉.

To those interested in visiting the Monte Carasso tibetan bridge, we leave you a tip: If you suffer from vertigo, maybe it will be better not to cross it. We’ll show you when you finished reading this post.

If you want to go and fell the experience of crossing it, then we would be more than happy to take you there 😉.

We invite you to take a look at this video and see this amazing structure as well as the brave workers and all those involved in its construction:

Tibetan Bridge Monte Carasso



Taxi !

Taxi - Taxi Lugano

Benefits of using a Taxi.

Why should I call a Taxi?

When visiting or living in an urban environment like Lugano there are typically many options for commuting from one area of the city to the next.  While people could walk, drive, or take public transportation, one of the best traveling options is to take or call a taxi. There are true benefits over other forms of transportation. Lets see.

The first benefit of taking a taxi is that it is an efficient form of transportation.

A taxi is possibly the fastest form of transportation available because it does not need to make multiple stops, like a bus or train has to, nor do you have to spend time parking like you would if you drove.

When you are new to a town it is always better to seek the services of a well-known taxi company. The drivers should be professionals and should drive you to the request location. They will act as an expert in providing your details about the regional special treats and other suggestions.

If you are on a holiday or in some type of urgent situation you can basically contact the services of local town taxi companies, they will take you to your destination in few minutes. This benefit of taking a taxi is that it reduces the risk of getting lost in the city.  When walking or driving in an unfamiliar area, you run the risk of getting lost.  A taxi driver should be very familiar with the area and should find the safest and most efficient route of getting you to your destination.

Using a taxi service, allows you to be picked from any spot throughout the working day or evening and you will be supplied with exceptional companies more than the weekend. The fees usually are reasonable and handy payment techniques that incorporate acceptance of major credit history playing cards will be accepted by most taxis. This offers you the calmness to take pleasure in what the city has to offer you.

Scheduling can be accomplished at the ease of your property or place of work utilizing the net or over the cellphone to book this services

The truth is that there are so endless benefits in taking or calling a taxi and we can’t write them all here in this article. So stay tuned cause in the posts we write some more.


Airport Taxi #3 reasons you should consider it


Airport Taxi - Taxi a Lugano

Airport Taxi

#3 reasons you should consider it

Plane travel can be stressful. We could all do without the worry of how we are going to get to and from the airport.

Furthermore, we all know how expensive it is to park our own cars at the airport. Airport taxis are the answer.

We in Taxi a Lugano  are from the opinion that taxi companies that could provide airport taxis to and from any location – in our case – within Lugano, Malpensa Lugano, Agno, Paradiso or even Menaggio, Como, or the lake Como, could be an excellent choice and an alternative to the all confusing and unknown routes of public transports surrounding these major airports.

We usually advice our clients to choose taxi companies able to offer an airport taxi service based in three reasons we believe you’ll also agree with. We call them “ESP”!

1 – Experience

2 – Service

3 – Price

No, it wasn’t the electronic stability control 🙂

From our point of view, we think a taxi company that provide an Airport taxi service should have the most experienced and professional drivers possible to ensure the best possible, economic and fastest routes are followed. This would definitely ensure the best possible quality service is delivered at the best and fair price.

By the way, did you know that most of taxi companies in Lugano negotiate fares from Lugano Malpensa, Malpensa Lugano, Lugano Linate and vice versa?

We truly believe, that this is what most of the clients want when they consider to book a taxi from any airport in any country.

So, a taxi company that can guarantee this “ESP” consistently and always try go above and beyond what you’d normally expect from a taxi company, are strongly recommended from us when you’re thinking in booking an airport taxi transfer.

If you found this post useful, then stay tuned with us. We’ll be back soon with other cool tips and news we think it might be interesting for you when considering to take a taxi.

So for airport taxis in Lugano, Malpensa Lugano, Agno, Linate or Zurich call +41 91 234 87 84 or ask us for a quote. We will be more than happy to help and we promise that you will not be disappointed.


Lugano airport taxi transfers


Lugano airport taxi transfers

Lugano airport taxi transfers





Lugano Airport

The Lugano airport is a regional airport located 6 km west of the Swiss city of Lugano, approximately 80 km north of Milan, in the municipalities of Agno, Bioggio and Muzzano.

The Lugano airport, is very important for the Swiss Italian region as a connection between the main Swiss and European centers. This allows to tourists and business man to easily access the financial capital of Ticino – Lugano.

Despite being a small infrastructure, the Lugano airport has more than one daily flight to the Zurich and Geneva airport’s. During the summer season it has flights to Olbia, Cagliari and the Elba Island.

Airport Lugano taxi transfers

If you have found us because you are looking for the leading provider of airport transfers to or from Lugano, then we are pleased to say that you have come to the right place and welcome to Taxi a Lugano.


Who are we?

Here at Taxi a Lugano we provide taxi services throughout Lugano and the surrounding area. If you need to be taken to or from any airport (Malpensa, Linate, Bergamo, Agno) or you need to be transported from one location such as Lugano to another, then we can help you.


Why should you come to us?

Quite simply, we are passionate about the quality taxi service we provide. We only employ the utmost professional taxi drivers who have fantastic knowledge of the roads and routes around Lugano. We also have state-of-the-art, luxury vehicles for you to travel in so you can sit back in comfort and let us do all of the driving for you.


If you would like more information or to receive a quote for the taxi service you require, please contact us on +41 234 87 84. We will be more than happy to assist you further.

Make us your first choice when you require an airport transfers Lugano provider.

Wilhelm Schmidt Museum Last Resort of Art Lovers.


Wilhelm Schmidt MuseumWilhelm schmidt museum

Art is basically the expression of human creative imagination presented in the form of painting, music, dance and other formats of expression. There are many art museums over the world which provide platforms for artists to display their work. European countries such as France, Italy and Switzerland are quite famous for their art museums, being Wilhelm Schmidt Museum one of them.

Art museums in Switzerland are quite popular around the world for having a tremendous artwork by exceptional artists, e.g. The Cantonal Art Museum, the Marion Bernasconi Museum are some well-known names but most prominent among them is The Wilhelm Schmidt Museum.

The Wilhelm Schmidt Museum is located in the town of Brè sopra Lugano, Switzerland and holds a very prestigious ranking among the list of art museums in Switzerland. This museum is in honor of a renowned artist Wilhelm Schmidt; you can find all his greatest art works there. It can be considered as the “last resort for art lovers” and believe me, if you are an art lover and once you get there, you won’t have any desire to go anywhere else, his artwork will mesmerize you. The philosophy behind his art was less towards hatred and had an essence of romance; he tried to include daily life events in his paintings too.

Initially the Wilhelm Schmidt Museum was home to many artists, they used to create great art pieces there, but to preserve the brilliant art work this home was converted to a museum, which is visited by tourists from around the globe to quench their thirst of seeing some extraordinary artwork.
If you are an art lover then this is the place to go, you won’t be leaving it without falling in love with it. Whenever you ask about an art museum in Switzerland people will surely tell you about this lovely place. Do visit this historical monument as it will be an experience of a lifetime.

Wanna know the history of chocolate? Visit Alprose Chocolate Museum


Alprose Chocolate Museum - Taxi Lugano



Alprose Chocolate Museum

This planet consists of six billion people with different tastes, backgrounds and ideologies and there is one thing that very few people dislikes and that is chocolate. Chocolate is a product made from cocoa beans with a unique aroma, a hypnotizing taste and colour; its popularity is known all over the world. Swiss chocolate in particular has its own special characteristics and what place to tell you better than the Alprose Chocolate Museum in Switzerland.

There are several great chocolate museums around the world, but what is it about this museum that makes it so special?
First of all, this museum is located in Caslano, Switzerland, which is regarded as home to the all famous Swiss chocolates. Interestingly, the location is actually the Alprose Chocolate Factory, which has been making wonderful chocolates for more than five decades, it is in this vicinity that the museum is housed so that tourists and locals can get to know more about the chocolate making history of Switzerland.

This Museum highlights the importance of chocolate in Switzerland and our world. It also correctly tells us how chocolate has become one of the most loved food products of the people of the world. You also get an amazing opportunity to visit the factory and take a look at the whole production process of the world’s finest chocolates and all this just from a Museum visit.

This small in-house museum delivers an enjoyable glance back into the history of chocolate. At the end of your tour here, there are chocolates available that can be bought or you may be able to spot certain free samples that you can try. In any case, a trip to the Alprose Chocolate Museum is an awesome trip for those who love chocolate.

Visit Alprose

Take an evening walk at PROMENADE IN LUGANO


There are times when we want to walk alone by the lake or go on a romantic walk with our loved one by the water body. Nothing beats the strolling near the water and enjoying the little fish that come near the shores. Where is such a place that has a peaceful atmosphere and a gorgeous view that stuns you? The

Promenade in Lugano is where you need to go right now! The lake Promenade is the beautiful lake found in Switzerland. This lake has the most peaceful ambiance and harmonious tread for people who like to stroll with their lovers or alone. There are boating activities which can be opted by those like to go to the middle of the lake and enjoy the view as well as the weather. Many trees and plants have been planted nearby the lake to beautify it and make it attractive and harmonious for the people coming.

There are benches that have been placed nearby the lake for those who want to sit alone or with their lovers and have a look at the flowing water. There is proper residence and activity area near this lake. One can come to this lake for having fun via boating with friends and family members. Or one can also come to the lake for having a quiet evening alone and just think about whatever beauty lies around the lake.

If you want to just look at the water and stroll a bit, the evening walk bear this lake is what you need in life. The feeling of stress or depression all fades away when you look at the sun setting in the water as if hiding in the water and letting the world come at a harmony. If you want to express your love to someone, this place is again the right place to do so. There is nothing more romantic than a gorgeous sun-set and reflection of this natural effect in the water. Nothing beats this natural ambiance for your proposing and romantic evening. Have an evening walk around this lake, have a look at the people enjoying their time at the lake and those who are on a date with their loved ones. All the life’s stress and depression will fade away instantly if you have one long walk all around the lake and enjoy the beautiful views presented by the nature.

Sonogno Village The Base Of Ticino Culture


The culture of Switzerland has its own unique qualities and characteristics. It is although an unfortunate fact that, just like the rest of the planet, rapid industrialization is not only destroying the natural landscape, but also having an adverse effect on the cultural development of societies.

During this era of cultural degeneration, it is quite difficult to find places where you find cultural conservation. And in all fairness Europe’s culture has gone very vague, but this little village of Sorogna has managed to keep its majestic culture intact even after the impact of modernization. Sorogna Village is located in the wonderful canton of Ticino.

The Village was first found in 1200 and has since then become the cultural nucleus of Ticino. With a small population, they have managed to contain and conserve a lot of the culture of Nucleus. The language of the population is Celtic-Latin mixture and unfortunately there are not many people who still speak it. There is an estimate that only about 100 to 120 people in the world are capable of communicating in this language thus making it a language that is headed for extinction.

The rare usage of the native language of Sorogna has made the inhabitants to switch to Italian which is now the language of the majority of the population and is also an official language of the Swiss state. The next most spoken language is German, but is nowhere near the number of Italian speakers.
As of today, these people have certain traditions of the past which they practice with strict punctuality and devotion. An example is the monthly bread making. Bread Making is done twice a month in the community oven. The bread made is truly delicious and there are not manyplaces with such baked bread.

Sonogno The Famous Baking Oven Of Ticino


The people of Switzerland have managed to harness their tradition, value and culture for the most part of their life. Although the urban lifestyle might be held responsible for the fading of such tradition, there are still several places in this beautiful Canton of Ticino in Switzerland that have clung onto their ancestors’ culture.

When you visit such places where the value of sentiments, emotions and family are regarded much higher than materialism; a person is surely forced into self-evaluation. Sonogna is another striking place in Ticino, the major characteristic of which is its purposeful adherence to and conservation of tradition.
The place is surrounded by beauty, nature and bakery items. Yes! Bakery items, but we will discuss it later. First, let us just discuss a little history related to the village. Sonogna Village dates back to the 11th century and resembles the villages of that age. It is the last village present on the road of Verzasca.

The village is a tourist destination and known for certain hiking spots as well and people go on these trails to enjoy the outstanding scenes of nature. Tourists can also cherish some of the best picnic places and river pools, where you may go and take a swim. People can find some places to spend a night while hiking as well.

The villagers all gather together in an epic cultural fashion to make bread in the old traditional way. This is done twice a month in the community oven where all the baking is done. The eatables and dishes of the village are also a delight; the wine is popular and so is the food.
There is adequate facility for people to spend a few days here and also a small Museum, which depicts the age of the village and also its adherence to culture.