Monte Carasso – Tibetan bridge

Monte Carasso – Tibet Bridge

Monte Carasso Tibet Bridge - Taxi Lugano

The Tibetan Bridge in the valley of Sementina, Tessin, Switzerland

The rope bridge in the valley of Sementina was today (31.5.2015) officially inaugurated as planned.

“Along 270 mts and weighing about 50 tons, the bridge built by the Tibetan Foundation Curzútt-S. Barnard will traverse the rugged valley that divides the towns of Monte Carasso and Sementina. The bridge connects Curzutt S. Bernardo and the Via delle Vigne, allowing everyone to make excursions in an area rich in historical presence, landscape, food and wine.

Anchored at a height of 696 m, the bridge’s point center rises to 130 m “over the river making it the longest suspension bridge in the Alps.” The walkway, has no more than one meter wide, scarce, and it is wood larch made. Touring it is a now a unique experience, thanks to tight security, involving experienced hikers, young and intrepid families that could allow it.

The main feature of the Bridge is it’s elasticity, (as expected!), otherwise how could it be possible to resist to the wind strength, or the heavy snow loads, and also the people’s weight crossing it.

“The bridge is easily accessible thanks to the Monte Carasso’s funicular to Mornera passing through Curzùtt. The ancient and picturesque hill town, is the ideal starting point to discover an area rich in historical facts.” Source: website –

It is expected that the bridge could attract 20 to 40 thousand tourists a year. It is surely a real nice attraction to be added to many other from Canton Ticino. But this will have undoubtedly a special meaning for the municipals, as it could encourage their “hearts” to forget some quarrels occurred in the past  😉.

To those interested in visiting the Monte Carasso tibetan bridge, we leave you a tip: If you suffer from vertigo, maybe it will be better not to cross it. We’ll show you when you finished reading this post.

If you want to go and fell the experience of crossing it, then we would be more than happy to take you there 😉.

We invite you to take a look at this video and see this amazing structure as well as the brave workers and all those involved in its construction:

Tibetan Bridge Monte Carasso

Wilhelm Schmidt Museum Last Resort of Art Lovers.

Wilhelm Schmidt MuseumWilhelm schmidt museum

Art is basically the expression of human creative imagination presented in the form of painting, music, dance and other formats of expression. There are many art museums over the world which provide platforms for artists to display their work. European countries such as France, Italy and Switzerland are quite famous for their art museums, being Wilhelm Schmidt Museum one of them.

Art museums in Switzerland are quite popular around the world for having a tremendous artwork by exceptional artists, e.g. The Cantonal Art Museum, the Marion Bernasconi Museum are some well-known names but most prominent among them is The Wilhelm Schmidt Museum.

The Wilhelm Schmidt Museum is located in the town of Brè sopra Lugano, Switzerland and holds a very prestigious ranking among the list of art museums in Switzerland. This museum is in honor of a renowned artist Wilhelm Schmidt; you can find all his greatest art works there. It can be considered as the “last resort for art lovers” and believe me, if you are an art lover and once you get there, you won’t have any desire to go anywhere else, his artwork will mesmerize you. The philosophy behind his art was less towards hatred and had an essence of romance; he tried to include daily life events in his paintings too.

Initially the Wilhelm Schmidt Museum was home to many artists, they used to create great art pieces there, but to preserve the brilliant art work this home was converted to a museum, which is visited by tourists from around the globe to quench their thirst of seeing some extraordinary artwork.
If you are an art lover then this is the place to go, you won’t be leaving it without falling in love with it. Whenever you ask about an art museum in Switzerland people will surely tell you about this lovely place. Do visit this historical monument as it will be an experience of a lifetime.

Casa Vignascia The Awesome Views Resort

Casa Vignascia - Taxi LuganoCasa Vignascia Resort. Time to relax on the lake.

Casa Vignascia, a beautiful resort built by the side of Lake Maggiore on the famous Via Vignascia road has been an attraction of tourists visiting Switzerland. This amazing resort is surrounded by luxuriant and lush green garden and is only 10 meters from the resort owned Lakeshore. The Casa Vignascia resort was made about half a millennium ago and has been reconstructed so that it appears beautiful to the eye. The resort also includes proper accommodation with nice furnishing along with attached bathrooms.
The hotel has an interesting layout built on different levels and even has its own boat launch and lake garden area, all fully accessible to hotel guests. You can go for boating, rowing, speed boating, jet skiing and etc.. These facilities are available only for the customers. No outsider can use them, so that’s a plus. Secure car parking is also available. The Casa Vignascia rooms as the resort itself are quite spacious. Tourists enjoy everything about the resort including food, services, cleanliness, friendly staff and most importantly the stunning views of Lake Maggiore and absolutely amazing mountains, you can from your room gallery see the sparkling water of the lake and you can also observe the activities going on the lake, these sites can truly entertain you. These sites can also be seen from the beautiful garden in which every night live barbeque is done to satisfy your appetite. The resort also has swimming pools, Jacuzzis and sauna bath as you might want to enjoy indoor, plus other activities such as gyms, lounges, massage rooms are also there.
This place is highly recommended by tourists who have visited this place and it has got a rating of 4.5 out of five which is a pretty good score. So if you ever go to Switzerland do go to this resort you will surely enjoy.

If you need a transfer for the Casa Viganscia resort, Taxi Lugano can take you there. Give us a call or ask us a quote. We will be glad to help.