Take an evening walk at PROMENADE IN LUGANO

There are times when we want to walk alone by the lake or go on a romantic walk with our loved one by the water body. Nothing beats the strolling near the water and enjoying the little fish that come near the shores. Where is such a place that has a peaceful atmosphere and a gorgeous view that stuns you? The

Promenade in Lugano is where you need to go right now! The lake Promenade is the beautiful lake found in Switzerland. This lake has the most peaceful ambiance and harmonious tread for people who like to stroll with their lovers or alone. There are boating activities which can be opted by those like to go to the middle of the lake and enjoy the view as well as the weather. Many trees and plants have been planted nearby the lake to beautify it and make it attractive and harmonious for the people coming.

There are benches that have been placed nearby the lake for those who want to sit alone or with their lovers and have a look at the flowing water. There is proper residence and activity area near this lake. One can come to this lake for having fun via boating with friends and family members. Or one can also come to the lake for having a quiet evening alone and just think about whatever beauty lies around the lake.

If you want to just look at the water and stroll a bit, the evening walk bear this lake is what you need in life. The feeling of stress or depression all fades away when you look at the sun setting in the water as if hiding in the water and letting the world come at a harmony. If you want to express your love to someone, this place is again the right place to do so. There is nothing more romantic than a gorgeous sun-set and reflection of this natural effect in the water. Nothing beats this natural ambiance for your proposing and romantic evening. Have an evening walk around this lake, have a look at the people enjoying their time at the lake and those who are on a date with their loved ones. All the life’s stress and depression will fade away instantly if you have one long walk all around the lake and enjoy the beautiful views presented by the nature.

Santa Maria degli Angeli church a wonder of contemporary architecture


Lugano’s natural beauty, atmosphere and climate has been a focus of attention for people, but there are certain places in this wonderful place which relate to the traditional, cultural and religious history of Europe as a whole and Switzerland in particular. The Santa Maria Church in Lugano is a marvel of contemporary architecture and people’s adherence to tradition.

All churches have certain characteristics in common, for example the presence of paintings and passionate statues in this the Santa Maria stands exceptional. The exterior of the church has been attractive yet quite simple and it is possible that people may refrain from visiting the church; but remember never to judge a book by its cover.

The exterior may not be too impressive to some, but inside the church is spectacular architecture and artwork. Tourists feel mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the interior part of the church and are forced to revisit the religious sanctity of this church and the city of Lugano.
Inside are some of the most mind-blowing paintings made by man. There are inspirational paintings of the last supper and other religious events done by students of DA Vinci and huge fresco painting too. This huge fresco is the work of Bernardino Luini and one of the most famous fresco of the Renaissance era.

Other painting and sculptures add beauty and emotion to this sanctified place.
Lugano is a city with many churches, but Santa Maria Church is unique in its own way. It reflects the history and culture of Switzerland while also displaying the region’s role during the Renaissance era. The simplicity of the outside of the church and the amazing paintings made by students Leonardo Da Vinci inside the church make a really unique an beautiful combination.

Enjoy the blue water Lido di Lugano

If you are planning your next vacation, then Lugano (city in Southern Switzerland) is the place to go which borders with Italy. This city is on the Lake Lugano, it is in between the beautiful mountains of Lugano Prealps. It’s awesome summers and because it has fascinated a lot of entertainers, celebrities and the successful athletes it got its nickname as “Monte Carlo of the Switzerland”. In Lugano you can find so many places, which can entertain you for e.g. Lake Lugano, Parco Civico, and etc.
Another very famous name is Lido di Lugano,it is an extremely popular spot not only within the locals of Lugano; but it has maintained its charm and appeal intact over the years. It is basically a swimming resort built in 1928 which contains the following:
1 Olympic Swimming pool
1 middle swimming pool
1 Pool for dip with trampoline
1 Pool for children with water plays
1 beach volley place
1 Football place
Self-service restaurant
Beach Bar Chiringuito
It is a heaven for swimming lovers; even the disabled people can enjoy the waters because of mobile elevators by the side of the pools. People from around the globe visit this beautiful resort and it has now become a well known tourist spot amongst the places of Lugano. An interesting thing about this resort is that since 1992 the Lido has shown films in summer, “Cinema al Lago”, a festival of great films which has become quite popular.Thanks to the management despite of receiving huge masses of tourists, it still is clean, safe and attractive.
People have who have visited this place couldn’t keep themselves by appreciating the well being of this place, they were quite impressed by hygiene conditions and safe and secure environment, they also mentioned about the services provided (guards, helpers, waiters). A visit to this place is highly recommended.

Enjoy your personal siesta with the locals

There is a famous quotation “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Ever thought of chilling with the locals and natives of the city where you are vacationing? This is the time when you can actually think about this and enjoy the weather and naps with the locals.
Switzerland is the place where everybody wants to go for vacation. The place is filled with massive tourist attractions and the weather is no less attractive. Among the most famous places to stay in Switzerland while on vacations are the small cantons. A canton is a small division of any country. This division is no less populated and developed than a state but can be smaller in surface area. Now, if you are planning to have fun and take naps like the locals and natives of Switzerland do, you need to find a place to stay in the Canton Ticino. This canton is absolutely stunning and gives you the energy and feel of being loved and welcomed by the natives.
There is so much greenery and lusciousness in this canton. If you want to take a stroll in the garden, you will find people strolling near you and you will enjoy listening to what they have to say about this country. If you ever feel tired while roaming the streets, you can just enjoy your personal siesta on a bench nearby and people are going to provide you with snacks and fruits when you wake up. You are definitely going to enjoy living here and vacationing and having those personal naps around a place so full of life and energy and friendliness.
If you are one of those people who like to keep on a move you can check out the lakes near the canton and stroll above the bridges. When you stand on any bridge in this canton, you are going to see colorful fishes and vegetation around the water bodies. Walking and shopping all day is something that will make you feel tired. On feeling tired, all you have to do is find the nearest bench and enjoy your personal siesta. If the benches are full with love birds, no problem! Find the nearest park and enjoy the nap in the fresh air and greenery. Even their locals do the same. You won’t find it odd or awkward because you are always going to be welcomed with mush hospitality and warmth. Enjoy vacationing and siestas like never before!

Deep Romance In Lake Lugano

Switzerland is a country that is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Its natural and geographic beauty surpasses that of many of the other locations and the attraction of these places is thoroughly exciting. Out of the many wonderful types of scenery there is the Lake Lugano in Switzerland.
This lake is known for its serene environment and peaceful atmosphere which is capable enough to leave an essence of romance in the air. The Lake Lugano is famous for its peculiar relationship with romanticism and also carries with it the weight of history.
The first mention of this lake dates back to 590 AD when it was quoted by Gregory tours as the ‘Lake Ceresio’. The Ceresio is a Latin word which means ‘cherry’. He used this word for his description of the lake because of the large amount of cherry trees that are found near the lake. There is also a mention of this body of water by the name of ‘Lake Luanasco’ in 804 AD.
The geographical location of this lake is also interesting and adds more reasons to visit this lake. Lake Lugano is situated in between two other lakes; namely the Lake Como and Maggiore and although these lakes are much larger than Lugano, it does not make them any better.
The Lugano Lake is actually a part of both Italy and Switzerland with more of its waters in Switzerland. It is an amazing experience because you can literally look at another country from this point!
The geography of the lake provides space for many sports. People who tour this wonderful place often resort to horse-riding, hiking, trekking, sailing and sometimes golfing. All in all everyone who visits does not the any chance of boredom for this Lake is a place of serenity, meditation and a whole lot of fun.